BRUNSWICK, Md. (DC News Now)–A man was critically hurt outside after a crash landing at Brunswick High School early morning on Saturday.

“When we first arrived on the scene, we were able to decipher it was a paramotor that had crash landed. Someone that was with the person that had crash landed had witnessed that,” Sarah Campbell said.

The man crashed around 6:00 am and Campbell, the Communication Manager with Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue Services explained the device used had a propeller behind the operator.

“For a better term, it’s more like a hang-glider with a motor,” Campbell said.

According to the United States Powered Paragliding Association, you don’t need a specific license to operate a paraglider, and learning how to operate a paraglider takes about a week or more to learn.

Campbell said they’re unsure of what led up to the crash.

“We were able to locate one adult male who had suffered from a pretty significant fall,” Campbell said.

The man was taken to an area trauma center in critical condition.