BRUNSWICK, Md. (DC News Now) — The organization Trains Not Tolls held a meeting in Brunswick on Tuesday with other local organizations to discuss how they could bring more transit to western Maryland.

Frank Cantwell, a member of Trains Not Tolls, thinks additional trains could bring more money to businesses and the city.

“One of the unique things about where we stand now Brunswick is that we have, there could be a lifestyle of commuting via train to large jobs that pay more money than they do in this vicinity,” said Cantwell.

Shoshanna Staffone, who is also a member, said that with help from the community and Frederick County’s local government, they can get more work done.

“People drive an hour to get here just to ride the train, sometimes another 45 minutes to an hour to get to work and that’s because they don’t want to drive the highways. We have people who are trying to get to jobs. Jobs are not Monday through Friday. They’re all week, seven days,” said Staffone.

Brunswick Mayor Nathan Brown said the town has been working toward more transit for years.

“I think more community members and local elected leaders need to pay more attention to that and get involved and advocate for this because I think now is the opportunity to make something happen with something that we’ve all sort of been talking about for a long time,” said Brown.

The Maryland Department of Transportation is conducting a feasibility study to evaluate opportunities for expanded MARC train service on the Brunswick line.

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