FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Hospitals across Maryland are experiencing a higher level of COVID-19 patients than any other time in the pandemic. On Monday, the state reported a total of 2,746 hospitalizations.

As a result, Frederick Health Hospital implemented “crisis standards of care” on Monday, effective immediately. According to the hospital, this measure is only taken in emergencies when “the demand for health care exceeds the ability of the health system to provide it.”

The actions being taken may include the following:

  • Modifying surgical schedules consistent with the Governor’s recent orders
  • Expediting hospital discharges, when safe and appropriate
  • Transitioning to telehealth care options when applicable
  • Simplifying documentation
  • Redeploying clinical and non-clinical staff to areas of greatest need

“This shift in protocols is significant and allows the best support for our health care workers and all other team members,” said Cheryl Cioffi, senior vice president and COO of Frederick Health. “This is a crisis, and we are doing everything within our power to bring the right resources to the table. Making sure that Frederick Health is here for our community is paramount.”

Residents are encouraged to aid in the effort by reducing their use of in-person hospital services whenever possible and to contact doctors by phone or use urgent care facilities if necessary.

Frederick Health also recommended vaccines and booster shots for all eligible, as well as practicing social distancing and mask-wearing.

Update: Cheryl Cioffi was erroneously referred to as the “CEO”, not the “COO” of Frederick Health.