FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — Frederick health, the largest healthcare system in Frederick County, has received a generous donation of $4.4 million from the estate of the late Ms. Carol Fisher.

Fisher lived in the Frederick area for nearly 40 years and took an interest in supporting the hospital’s cancer treatment program after her mother received excellent care there in the 1990s.

Frederick Health intends to use the money to fund several cancer treatment services and programs.

Some of the areas that will benefit from this donation include the expansion of the precision medicine and genetic program and purchasing new oncology equipment such as the Raycare Oncology Information System and the Ion Lung Cancer Biopsy machine.

“We were always so grateful when folks do notify us ahead of time of their intent to support the hospital in their estate plans because it gives us a chance to know them and show them our appreciation while they’re still living,” Vice President Robin Rose said.

“So we’re very happy that we’re going to be able to use this money in the manner in which miss fisher wanted it.”

Additionally, a generous amount of the donation will go towards an oncology education fund used by staff, patients, and the community.

This fund will provide classes and training on cancer preventions techniques, new treatments, and other cancer-related information.