FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Frederick Health has a new tool to help ensure the safety of all patients and staff. It’s partnering with the company, Evolve Technology to install new screening devices.

“Our staff, our visitors, and our patients all have an expectation that we’ll have a safe place for them to work to visit to receive care, so there’s just a step in that direction,” Director of Public Safety David Cornelius said.

The device allows staff to detect weapons without checking bags, or making people empty their pockets. The technology can also distinguish between harmless objects and dangerous weapons.

“The experience now when people come in, they’ll enter the building to any one of our public entrances, and they’ll be greeted by our customer service team or our volunteer team,” Cornelius said.

“From there, they’ll get a visitor pass if they’re here to visit something one of our patients, they have a self-check-in kiosk availability to them and then they’ll just pass through our weapons screening system.”

Although there is no current threat to the hospital, security is using this update to ensure the safety of all who enter the building.

“Across the country, workplace violence is higher,” Cornelius said. “There’s been some very high profile active shooting over the last few months. And so this was a proactive step to create a sacred place for folks.”

Frederick Health also plans to start implementing these new safety measures at all of their other locations as well.