FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — A teenager has been sentenced to time in prison for assault and hate crime charges.

18-year-old Corey Robert Welch was sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but four years suspended for an incident that occurred early last year. He must also serve five years in supervised probation upon his release from prison.

The State’s Attorney’s Office reports the incident happened at a house party in New Market in February 2020.

At the party, Welch reportedly made comments on the victim’s sexual orientation. The victim felt uncomfortable and attempted to leave the party. Welch tackled the victim in the parking lot and proceeded to strangle them and hold them down, assisted by co-defendant Martin Gieser.

Witnesses reported that Welch beat the victim and repeatedly called them homophobic slurs.

Assistant State Attorneys Laura Corbett Wilt and Will Prunka say this attack was motivated by the defendant’s perception of the victim’s sexual orientation.

“The conviction and sentencing show our commitment to all members of the Frederick County community,” they said in a statement. “Welch’s actions caused not only physical injury, but psychological trauma that is clearly evident to this day. The victim and his family are satisfied that justice has been served and that this marks a moment of closure in this terrible ordeal. ”