FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM)– 88visual is an organization created by Frederick native Brandon Chapman and De-von Wellesley. 

During the pandemic, the two noticed how much local businesses were struggling to reach customers, so in an effort to help organizations stay afloat, the pair decided to create their own video advertising business to help expand businesses impacted by the pandemic.

They have helped multiple businesses and nonprofits in Frederick County by creating free 30 second advertisement videos. 

These videos help local business owners reach a wider audience and gain customers during the pandemic. 

“We see how hard things are for business owners and we want to use our skills to give back,” said Chapman.

The duo was also voted best innovative company in 2020’s Best of Frederick.

“Our company is paying it forward with the talents we have. I am grateful that we are able to make a difference and help the community,” said Wellesley.

The videographers hope to expand their business and continue helping community members a platform.