FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — As community transmission remains high in Frederick County, the Board of Health is establishing a threshold for when another mandate would go into effect.

The board of health decided that they will revisit a possible mask mandate if the county’s COVID-19 case rate surpasses 20 per 100 thousand people. Currently, the county sits at nearly 14 per 100 thousand people. 

Health Officer Barbara Brookmyer’s concern is requiring masks wouldn’t be effective, without a reliable way to enforce them. But Frederick County Councilmember Jerry Donald doesn’t think enforcement is a big enough excuse.  

“If we’re not going to do this because we can’t enforce it, and that’s the only tool that I’ve ever heard…whats our plan if things get a lot worse, what’s our plan?” said Donald. “Cause I don’t know what we’re going to do if things do get worse because if we aren’t going to do a mask mandate, what’s left?”

If the case rate stays below 20 per 100 thousand, the mask mandate discussion will be revisited in may.