FUNKSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The Mayor of Funkstown, Paul N. Crampton Jr. plans to add additional households to the community.

“We were here seeking express approval for the town’s annexation to construct some single-family homes in the town of Funkstown,” Crampton said.

Crampton said that in the town’s preliminary draft, they’re seeking to build about 160 households. He added that the expansion could benefit all residents in the area by decreasing water and sewer rates. County Commissioner Cort Meinelschmidt believes it’s a possibility.

“With all the regulations and everything, if you have more people in a smaller area then you’re spreading the costs over a larger group of people and so it could lower the rates to those individuals,” Meinelschmidt said.

According to county documents, the properties proposed for annexation by the Town of Funkstown as requested by the owners are Sagi, Schultz, Lyles Family Venture, LLC and Antares Properties, LLC.

The proposal is at no cost to the county.