HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — It’s the season for giving, and a student at Western Heights Middle School is getting her Santa sleigh ready.

The daughter of one of Taylor Putterman’s teachers was hospitalized for cancer treatments. Taylor thought it would be a nice gesture to deliver presents to cheer her up. It’s almost Christmas now, and so many other kids are in the hospital. Why not get them presents — such as Teddy Bears — this holiday too?

“It just warms my heart that these kids can have something that they will look forward to for Christmas and that they won’t be, like, ‘oh I’m in a hospital so there’s nothing I can do,'” Taylor said.

Taylor turned to social media to get her friends and others in the community to put presents in Santa’s sleigh. Each donor’s name appears on the tag of the present.

“This has been an incredible journey to watch what Taylor’s done,” said Howie Putterman, Taylor’s dad. “From the time that she started — she was just sad for some people in the hospital — to what this has grown into.”

Putterman is the athletic director at Tuscarora High School. He’s also touched by Taylor’s big heart.

“It’s amazing to see how giving she is, how she understands the spirit of the holidays and just the things that people should be doing for each other,” he said.

“This is just amazing because I feel like, even though I’m not getting the Teddy Bears and I’m not doing anything other than giving them to them it feels like a million wishes have came true,” said Taylor.

Taylor says it gives her at least as much joy to deliver the presents as the kids who receive them. Taylor has made her Teddy Bear deliveries to Meritus hospital in Washington County and hospitals in Frederick and Washington, D.C. as well.