“The future of technology is bright.” At least that’s what the nonprofit organization Solar United Neighbors believe.

Residents of Falling Waters were invited to a solar open house to see and experience just how solar energy can impact everyday life.

The home being shown is completely powered by several solar panels and the owners of the home also drive solar powered cars.

They say they want people to know how going solar can help more than just the environment and is also easier than many may think.

“Solar has never been less expensive. It’s a great time to really look at it, look at the co-op process with Solar United Neighbors. It’s a great way for energy independence, saving money, saving the environment. It’s a win, win win,” explained Robert Fernatt, a solar home owner.

Solar United Neighbors say they are attempting to create a solar co-op in order to make going solar more affordable in the Eastern Panhandle.