GREENBELT, Md. (DC News Now) — This summer heat in the DMV has reached temperatures of more than 95 degrees, and a family in Prince George’s County is making sure people stay cool and hydrated.

“Yeah, it’s been hot. I think right now like the breeze has kind of come through and it’s like not as hot as it was like, you know, peak afternoon so yeah” said Kristin Eakle.

Eakle said she and her family started C & K’s Lemonade Stand to keep her children busy for the summer. It’s located at the Roosevelt Center in Old Greenbelt.

“Just kind of giving them like the financial literacy and money management skills. You know, learning how to run a small business, I think is important, you know, for young entrepreneurs, you know, always need more of those,” Eakle said.

“I sell lemonade for people,” said her daughter, as Eakle added, “Ice cold lemonade on a hot day. You know, you can never go wrong with that.”

The money raised from the stand goes towards toiletry and food items for people who are less fortunate than many.

“It actually was my son’s idea to come up with, you know, kind of give it back to the homeless so that’s what we came up with the blessing bags. That makes me happy that they’re actually thinking about wanting to help other people,” she said.

You’ll find the Eakles set up at the Roosevelt Center every Sunday.