The city of Hagerstown achieved their 34th year of being a Tree City U.S.A award winner Friday morning.

In order to be a Tree City U.S.A award winner, there are four pieces of criteria. The city must celebrate Arbor Day, dedicate $2 per person to the city, have laws that protect the trees and dedicate a team to take care of the city’s trees. DNR Urban Forester Becky Wilson explained that the award is actually quite impressive and difficult to achieve for 34 years straight.

“They’ve been a consecutive recipient of the award I believe for 34 years, which is pretty impressive because it’s not an easy award to achieve,” said Wilson. “You can imagine, a different staff, different administration, different ideas in the community, so it really is an impressive achievement for the city.”

Mayor Bob Bruchey attended and commented that he’s excited for the city to achieve another 34 years.