HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown will likely see a rebranding in the coming months.

The city council has been looking for new ways to use the former Hagerstown Suns field since the end of their affiliation with the Washington Nationals. At their council meeting on Tuesday, they heard a proposal to turn the field into a community baseball area which would be shared by dozens of teams.

According to the proposal, this would not be a financial burden for the city, as teams would pay rent to cover the costs for utilities like electricity and water.

“It will draw people in that wouldn’t otherwise be here. And we think it is an excellent use of a facility that would otherwise sit dormant for yet another season,” said Travis Poole of the Municipal Baseball Group.

The group will draw up an official agreement and bring it back to the council at a later date. This will not be a permanent partnership, and the city council will continue to search for a more long-term solution for the stadium.