HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — As a result of a shooting that occurred on January 29 along the 500 block of George Street in Hagerstown’s west end, the local chapter of the salvation army gathered the community to address the concerns of violence.

At the meeting, West End Community Resource Officer, Mark Morris, stressed the importance of the community coming together to protect the youth.

“If we don’t put these gentlemen in charge and give them a sense of responsibility for their community, nothing will change,” said Morris.

Residents who were in attendance echoed that notion, saying it takes a village to raise a child.

“These families that these children come from, are broken families. Some of them have no supervision at home. It takes a village,” said Altimont Mark Wilks, a Hagerstown resident. “We’re all responsible for those children if we like it or not because we can become the victim of one of those children.”

In response, Kerry Fair of Bester Community of Hope said it is important to show empathy to the parents of these children. “These kids are reacting to what’s going on in their life, and they’re just trying to get through. And so are their parents,” said Fair. “The village is really where it’s at.”