HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — The new skate park at the fairgrounds has been an instant hit for kids and families but dirt bikes frequenting the recreation spot have been a concern.

“The park should be for non-motorized vehicles because there are children out here,” says Jo Miller, a skateboarder.

“We need to protect an amenity that was paid for by the taxpayers,” says Wes Decker, city communications director. “We want to make it accessible to everyone.”

Some skateboarders aren’t bothered by the motorized visitors.

“Usually when they cut through the paths for walking or bicycles it’s just to get from one road to another,” says skateboarder Carson Hill. “Too many of the roads around here aren’t motorized vehicle-friendly.”

Regardless, the city is making safety a priority.

“The good news,” says Decker, “is the drones the Hagerstown police department has purchased have helped deter some of the activity out there.”

Rock landscaping around the entire fairgrounds is also a possible solution to keep motorized vehicles at bay. The city public works department will explore the feasibility.

One option is putting a fence around the skatepark. City officials hope to resolve their concerns in the next few months.