The Philadelphia Eagles punched their ticket for a third Super Bowl appearance this weekend after defeating the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC championship. 

They’re loud. They’re intense, but above all, they’re loyal. They’re Eagles fans.

“I’m from Philadelphia, born and raised, and that’s all I’ve ever known,” said John Grant, Eagles super fan. 

“We are rowdy. We are rough. I think that’s what we are, but we have heart and we love our team. We always have. We love all of our teams,” said Heather Chesko, owner of American Alehouse. 

Despite Philadelphia being three hours away from Hagerstown, a healthy population of fans find home in the hub city at the honorary eagles nest, American Alehouse.

“I missed what we had back home. So, I missed the whole team camaraderie, everybody cheering together. So, I said if I ever got the chance to open a restaurant or a bar, that I would start a Phillies bar,” Chesko said. 

Most of the bar’s memorabilia was donated by Eagles fans who bleed green.
“The majority of it is from the patrons that come in. They love this place, so they kind of donate what they can,” said Kendrick Keppler, American Alehouse employee. 

Each game, around 50-60 fans pack the American Alehouse. During last week’s NFC championship win against the Vikings, Chesko said the bar felt like Lincoln Financial Field. 

“It’s actually covered front to back all Eagles Fans. So, it’s really awesome to finally get to celebrate with and cheer on a team with an entire bar in Hagerstown,” Chesko said. 

This won’t be the first time the Eagles and Patriots are facing off in a Super Bowl. In 2005, the Eagles lost to the Patriots — only to find out about one of the NFL’s most famous scandals shortly after the loss.

“This was the Spygate Super Bowl. So, they actually stole our Super Bowl. We only lost by three points, but we’ve got some payback coming,” Grant said. 

If the Eagles win, Chesko plans to get an eagle with the American Alehouse flag tattooed on her body.