HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The Hagerstown Maryland National Guard had their second annual Ruck March Around Town for a good cause.

Over 100 soldiers participated in a three-mile ruck march through the busy streets of Hagerstown. Army boots and camouflage could be seen for miles as the unit marched from the armory on Roxbury road to the Maryland State Police barracks. The march supports toys for tots.

“This is a battalion so it’s made up of numerous different units throughout the Maryland National Guard. The soldiers train in this community all the time, this is their unit so they not only serve their country but they also serve their community here,” Major Kurt Rauschenberg said, the director of public affairs.

During the march, no one is left behind. As the soldiers approached different areas, there were people outside waving and showing support for the men and women that protect our county.

“I feel like for the holidays, we are definitely doing it for our community, we want them to know that we are a part of them and we are always there for them to support and help them so that’s what this is all about,” Specialist Desmond Sab.

After making it to the final destination soldiers took the toys from their sacks and filled more than two big boxes for Toys For Tots. The battalion commander, who also serves as a trooper for the Maryland State Police says he couldn’t be more proud of his team.

“The same soldiers that will be coming out in the snow storms, or high water helping the community, are the same soldiers who are out here marching, I am glad we were able to give such a large contribution to toys for tots,” Lt. Col. Michael Taluskie said. The toys that were donated will stay within Washington County.