HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — For nearly a year, the Hagerstown chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace has built more than 200 beds for children in need throughout Washington County. Now that demand has increased and they need the community’s help. 

On Saturday dozens of volunteers came to the non-profit’s “Build a bed” monthly event. 

“It’s very sad also because to think that they don’t have one already, but then to be able to provide them one is just a really gratifying feeling,” said volunteer Chloe Mauldeck. 

“It feels really nice to gain something for people that are in need,” said volunteer Will Duus. For Duus and his father, this is the first time they’re volunteering with Sleep in Heavenly Peace. 

“If we are able to then we should be able to give financially or if we have our hands and can go and build a bed to people who need something we should be doing that,” said Shane Duus. 

The President of the Hagerstown chapter says the need for beds has increased in Washington County, now they need to meet that demand. 

“Biggest need right now is monetary donations, as well as corporate sponsors to be able to sponsor a bed build,” said Ernie Ginacloa. 

He said they have a goal to build 400 beds by the end of the year, and they hope to complete at least 40 each month. 

“The cost per bed is $250 dollars, so a 40-bed build will cost about $8000 dollars for a bed build,” said Giancola. 

Mara Bauserman volunteered with friends and family on Saturday. She says it’s about making a difference in a child’s life and she wants to see them continue that. 

“One build day, 40 beds is what they want to build. Help raise the cash get your team here to help build and really walk away with a huge sense of accomplishment. That’s 40 kids that would go to bed at night in a bed, in one day’s work,” said Bauserman

To become a co-sponsor, donate, or volunteer please visit the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Hagerstown chapter website.