Hagerstown has never been known for its prominence in the music scene, but that isn’t stopping Ahmere Ware, 23, from chasing his dreams at home.

“Anything and everything. I think it’s limitless,” Ware said. 

Ware’s flair for music started at 6 years old.

“I grabbed the mic, and Little Bow Wow was my favorite artist at the time, and I just grabbed the mic and started rapping crazy. Everyone started going crazy,” Ware said.

His story parallels several superstar rappers like Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem who had had absent fathers which lead to solace in music, but Ware said his past shouldn’t be used to define him in the present.

“I don’t want to be like a typical fatherless rapper. I don’t even think of myself like that,” Ware said. 

Ware said “conscious music” is needed, especially in Hagerstown. In his songs he pays homage to a city he admits is broken, at times.

“When I listen to certain artists, I relate to what they’re saying, and it’s a confirmation of like my thoughts are okay because he feels like this too,” Ware said. 

Ware has performed two shows in Philadelphia and Baltimore and has released an album, but he said he and about 25 other artists are working to make home base, right here, in Hagerstown.

“That would change like, everything because it’s something you can look forward to. You wouldn’t go outside and sell drugs, you would think about the show you’ve got later,” Ware said. 

In order to establish a music scene, he said the community needs to back its talented young people.

“I just hope that everyone has open ears and patience with artists, with people. Try to understand people before you make an assumption,” Ware said. 

Ware said some of his inspirations include Little Skies, of Waynesboro, and Arizona Zervas, of Smithsburg, who have both gained recent success in rap careers after moving to Los Angeles. 

The track played underneath the video is titled “Green Stars.” He will be using the beat on his next album.