HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC NEWS NOW) — A Hagerstown neighborhood has returned to normal after hundreds were evacuated after a gas leak on Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s lunch hour, pole installers at the railroad overpass on Memorial Boulevard in Hagerstown ruptured a gas line. The leak sent emergency crews into the neighborhood just south of downtown, evacuating hundreds of residents — including over 100 students, teachers and staff at Bester Elementary.

Ashley Bowersox manages a Culligan water distributorship directly across from where the accident happened.

“They said in the garage they could smell a slight odor,” said Bowersox, “But nothing was disruptive to our business.  So just everyone was cautious and evacuated as soon as possible.”  

Still, some parents were frustrated by a lack of communication from school officials. George Hurd said he got a text from the school last week when there was a trash can fire, but “half the neighborhood evacuated for a gas leak! There’s no communication,” he exclaimed.

While the city has returned to normal, repairs continue on the pipeline. Residents were able to return to their homes last night. Officials say they are grateful winds were calm, containing the leak.