Winchester, Va. (WDVM) — With the pandemic bringing many challenges to the community, Handley regional library is offering additional services to help children who are learning virtually this school year.

Handley Regional Library System has announced a special initiative that will help the community it regularly serves, including Clarke and Fredreick Counties.

The library is offering services like T-mobile hotspots, which allows people to connect to the internet for free wherever they are.

The purpose of the hotspots is to lessen the gap of the digital divide by providing students with greater access to the internet beyond the walls of the library. Librarians will also offer tutoring and homeschooling resources for parents.

All services are free of charge. Library staff say, although it is a difficult time, they will continue doing all they can to help because it is important for  children to receive the best education they can.

“This is a time when the community is looking to their local libraries more than ever. We are seeing an increase in requests from families, students, and local schools for ways to help. We take each request seriously and are working diligently to provide access to the right library service. A lot has changed due to this pandemic, but Handley Regional Library System’s focus on education and the community stays the same. We are here to help.”

John Huddy, Director of Handley Regional Library System

Staff members say they are here to help parents and children, if you are in need of assistance you can connect with them online through their website or call the library directly.