Students in the History Club at Sharpsburg Elementary school are getting a hands-on history lesson thanks to a special activity called “The Big Dig.”

Those who live in the Sharpsburg area are in close proximity to Civil War history. With a little teamwork, it’s not that hard to find a connection to the past. 

In a large, empty field that once held the playground, about 20 fourth and fifth graders, along with their parents, explored what was under the ground using metal detectors and shovels. 

They were keeping an eye out for artifacts like bullets, dog tags, and badges that might have fallen hundreds of years ago as the soldiers traveled through the fields. 

“We know that soldiers had walked across here [and] their tags could have gotten snagged off or they could have just sort of gotten hung on a branch or something and then [fallen] to the ground,” explained Haley, a student participating in the Big Dig. 

“This is to whet their interest,” said Kathy Yaraghi, fourth grade teacher and leader of the History Club. “To look at what they find as a historian and know that every artifact has a story to tell.”
The students are also making history in their own right. 

“As far as I know, we’re the only history club for elementary students in the county,” said Yaraghi. 

And although they found amazing things under the dirt, they say the best thing they discovered during the big dig was teamwork