FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — With the Maryland General Assembly concluding its 2021 session this week, lawmakers are back in their districts meeting with constituents.

Of the thousands of bills considered in the legislature this year, strides in improving health care were especially significant.

Vincent Demarco with the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative said, “The laws passed this session build on what Maryland has done to be a national leader on health care.”

Senator Karen Lewis Young serves on the Health Committee and has been concerned about how some hospital visits have brought families to financial ruin.

“Many many people go into debt and declare bankruptcy because of unanticipated medical debt,” said Senator Young. “And we worked at great lengths to put some parameters around when the hospital could take you to court.”

Delegate Ken Kerr has worked hard to restructure health insurance markets.

“Our legislation will add young healthy people to the risk pool,” said Kerr. “It will provide long-term stability to the health care exchange market and it should lower premiums for everybody.”

This plan includes Marylanders who previously may not have been able to access or afford health care.

Senator Ron Young (D – Frederick) said, “We made it possible for younger people to get health insurance. We made it possible to cover people who were unemployed. We expanded Medicaid. We dealt with issues like giving dental and health care to pregnant women.”

These legislators from the 3rd district in Maryland are expecting the governor to sign these lifesaving bills into law. The bills also include provisions to reimburse patients for telehealth services.