FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — The Health Care Coalition of Frederick County held a virtual gathering on Wednesday to discuss new health priorities they will focus on for the next three years.

Health workers announced that adverse childhood experiences, type two diabetes and mental health are the main priorities they will focus on for the next few years.

They said that data from the coalition shows that 50& of students in Frederick County experienced some type of childhood adversity, 9% of county residents have diabetes and mental health needs have increased in the area. Health experts are creating new programs and researching to improve these areas. 

“We are going to invite folks to join workgroups to put together logic models and action plans to identify what the priorities we will be able to change in these areas. The reason why is it three year cycle is that we hope that that gives sufficient time to both put together plans, and to see change happen,” said Malcolm Furgol, Executive Director, Frederick County Health Care Coalition