ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Gov. Larry Hogan cracked down on schools across the state over their ventilation systems on Wednesday, and ordered the state superintendent to submit reports on the ventilation and air filtration of every school in the state.

For several months, the CDC has recommended improving air filtration in buildings to lower the risk of COVID-19, Hogan said. And according to the governor, Maryland has funneled over $3 billion into school systems specifically for pandemic-related upkeep.

During Wednesday’s board of public works meeting, Hogan said the state isn’t seeing a return on that investment — especially in Baltimore schools, where students had to be released early due to a lack of A/C.

“It’s unclear even which schools or school systems have properly utilized all these billions in funding,” Hogan said. “After months of requesting this information, we’re no longer asking.”

The governor said schools will be held accountable if the state finds they misused resources following the assessments.