David Washington was sexually assaulted by two teenage boys when he was only seven years old, leaving behind a devasting scar and an alcohol abuse problem.
He said, “My thought was that the way I was living with my substance abuse, I would be dead before I was 25.”
At the age of 14 he was diagnosed with cancer. A doctor had told him he wouldn’t survive if he wouldn’t cut the alcohol. It wasn’t until he went into remission, that he finally became sober.
Then as an adult, he attended a conference where other men spoke out about their trauma, and it inspired him to start speaking out, as he did at HCC on Thursday.
Washington declared this week International Awareness Week for Male Sexual Assault Survivors and gave an account of his life to attentive students.
His words impacted students especially one that had his own story to tell.
Bryan, a student attending the seminar whose name is changed, was a victim of sexual abuse in the military.
He told WDVM that he was threatened to keep quiet or else lose his job. He served the military for 22 years and nothing was ever done in regards to his sexual abuse by his superiors.
David Washington was grateful to hear that his discussion with students had inspired others.