HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– It’s a topic that everyone is talking about. It is the beginning of November and we are already seeing Christmas decorations up in stores and even people putting up their trees. And the main debate is, is it too early? WDVM caught up with a couple of people who were shopping at the Christmas tree shop to get their perspective.

Do you think it is too early for Christmas decorations to be hung up at this time? “Not at all, I am looking forward to Christmas,” Rick Helleam said.

It’s that time of you where you walk into a store and see many Christmas decorations out from wreaths to ornaments… Christmas trees the music is playing… and the sweet smell of Christmas… scented pine cones.

And of course, the debate that’s been around for many years is, is it too early for Christmas?
Lisa Brown is a resident here in Hagerstown and said she decided to hit the Christmas Tree Shops to get a jump start on her holiday decorations.

“I don’t think it is too early. I think right now with everything going on, covid and everything. I think it would be a perfect time to decorate right now because Christmas has so much meaning, it has love and happiness,” Lisa Brown, a resident of Hagerstown said.

And while Thanksgiving is nearly two weeks away whereas Christmas is seven weeks away….With people decorating for Christmas now, does that mean they are skipping over Thanksgiving?

“To buy some cozy decorations that represent thanksgiving coming up and Christmas,” Laina Badrioa, a Hagerstown resident said.

WDVM caught with a mother and daughter duo who have different views about if it is too early to decorate for Christmas.

“No,” Tadem said. Tell me why you think no? “Because you are supposed to celebrate Christmas all year round and just take a break from each holiday.”

“I think it is way too early for Christmas. I’m not a big fan of the music so I am not looking forward to hearing that in every store… Trisha Nee said.