FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Joe Bussard, a longtime collector of 78 RPM records, has died at the age of 86. He now leaves behind a rare collection of records.

From jazz to bluegrass, Joe Bussard was a legendary collector of 78 RPM records, a special collectible he gathered throughout his lifetime.

He died after battling pancreatic cancer.

His daughter, Susannah Anderson, says he was a hard worker from the very beginning — he even ran his own record label.

“He was 16 when he started collecting, so he collected and played music for seventy years of his life. He started as a teenager going door to door and then eventually he went state to state asking people in homes, and flea markets (for records). He massed around 12 to 15,000 78s,” said Anderson.

Dylan Utz, a friend who looked up to Bussard calls him a local legend.

“There are records that only exist because of him, and that’s what I’m inspired by him. I’m inspired by the fact that he in the 50s and 60s went around knocking on people’s doors, saying, do you have any old records? He saved a lot of music that would have otherwise been destroyed,” said Utz.

Susannah said as of right now she is not disclosing what she will do with the collection.

“He doesn’t want them in a museum or anywhere that they’re not going to get played,” said Anderson.