HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Not being able to stay home on holidays can seem like a burden for some working people, but others see it as another day to do what they love. DC News Now talked to those who were working on Labor Day.

“I share the opinion of a lot of men and women that work for the Hagerstown Fire Department,” Captain John Murray said. “We actually love to work every day, so holidays, birthdays, all the days are the same, we just love being here.”

Some people said that even though taking the day off would be nice, they actually don’t mind working.

“I kind of just got used to it after a while,” Elijah Morgan said. “It would be nice to have labor day off but people got to eat so I got to cook.”

Hagerstown firefighters say even though they are working, they try to create some fun out of the day.

“We are all very very much family with each other so we help each other we help the time pass by a little bit of laugh here and there and joking around and the day goes by pretty fast, Captain Murray said.

“I still get to enjoy it for the most part,” Morgan said. “Don’t feel like I’m missing out on much, it’s just another day.”