LAUREL, Md. (DC News Now) — Finding affordable housing is a problem for many who are apartment hunting in the DMV. In Prince George’s County, some city leaders are now trying to offer solutions as some landlords raise rent prices in the area.

“My rent was increased by 54%. It was increased an additional $800 or an additional $1,000 to go month to month, and I was given a 23-day notice,” said Laurel resident Kia Jefferson.

Jefferson is one of the dozens of Laurel residents struggling to pay rent as landlords raise prices. Now, city leaders are proposing solutions.

“The biggest issue is agreeing on a rental cap percentage,” said Laurel City Councilmember Martin Mitchell.

Some city council members want to place a 3% rental cap increase on landlords through the Anti-Homelessness and Displacement Act.

“Our bill actually lays out like guidelines on what we want to see. So it lays out an exceptions process and it lays out, you know, an exemption process. And it lays out like when all these things should happen,” said Mitchell.

After several conversations with renters and landlords, the mayor is considering a 4% cap.

“I think that a fair median would probably be meeting in the middle at 3.5%. Especially given that, you know, the landlord said they haven’t passed 3% and… in writing said they hadn’t passed 3.4 for their clients on average,” said Mitchell.

“I still want to go forth with a bill. You know, that that might not have the full support of the council. Because of course, you know, waiting and waiting, you know, doesn’t help people that need help, you know, immediately,” he continued.

The Maryland Multi-Housing Association which represents landlords and managers say they’ve been studying the issue.

“Laurel relies upon property taxes pretty heavily. The ability to employ individuals in the city of laurel is going to be tied closely to the revenue you get from the real property tax. Studies have consistently found that real property tax assessments fall perceptively under rent control,” said a spokesperson for the association during a council meeting on Wednesday.

They’re calling for more solutions other than rent stabilization or rent control.

“There are other policies that can be put in place that don’t depress the rental market and real property tax losses, that don’t result in loss apartments and can benefit people here in Laurel,” he continued.