MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — In 2017, Laurie-Anne Sayles made history by becoming the first African American Councilmember elected in Gaithersburg — she now is running for an at-large seat on the Montgomery County Council.

Professionally, Sayles is a paraeducator with Montgomery County Public Schools and a senior consultant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Sayles said she is hoping to bring S.M.A.R.T government to the table, which is an acronym for her policy agenda focusing on: strengthening learning for students, creating more affordable housing, advancing local food production, revitalizing the economy, and finding solutions for more mobility.

She also emphasized how much is at risk with 5 new members coming onto the county council. She feels that it is important that voters choose a candidate who is experienced and ready to hit the ground running, especially with a 6 billion dollar budget on the table.

“People always point to the City of Gaithersburg as models for replication across the country, and so these are the same best practices that I want to bring to the Montgomery County Council,” Sayles said. “We need to ensure that whoever assumes an at-large position on the county council is ready on day one and I know I’m that candidate.”

Other Gaithersburg Councilmember Mike Sesma also announced he is not seeing re-election. So far, three candidates announced their run for the 2 seats held by Sayles and Sesma. On the Montgomery County Council, at-large members Will Jawando, Evan Glass and Gabe Albornoz are seeking re-election.