HAGERSTOWN, Md (WDVM) – Several local governments across the US are passing motions to remove confederate statues and monuments, seen by many as symbols of white supremacy.

New legislation and proposals are being requested for further removal of monuments including several confederate statues currently standing in the nation’s capitol.

Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin is co-sponsoring legislation for the statue’s removal, saying enemies and traitors of the United States should not be celebrated.

“What I like about our proposal for the capitol is that the statues of confederate war heroes and soldiers should be taken down, but they should be given to the Smithsonian, and the Smithsonian can find proper use for them in a museum of history,” Raskin said. “So it’s not about deleting the history, but it’s about taking them down from a place of reverence and admiration.”

The office of Congressman Anthony Brown stated they are looking into policy options related to the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue located at the Antietam Battlefield and have also introduced bipartisan legislation to rename military installations honoring leaders of the confederacy.