For 24-hours on Tuesday, Washington County Gives wanted to break their record of donations given to nonprofits

Washington County Gives is a 24-hour online giving promotion held by the Community Foundation of Washington County. The event gives local nonprofits the opportunity to raise unrestricted dollars and receive pro-rated match funds.

Last years Washington County Gives event raised over $700,000 in online donations for the county. Many nonprofits are thankful for Tuesday’s event.

“All the money that goes towards the nonprofits for Washington County Gives goes all towards the nonprofits,” said Community Foundations Communications Director Ally Sirbaugh. “The Community Foundation as the host doesn’t keep any of that, and really essentially what you’re doing is helping us as a community. you’re helping it be a safer place, a better place to live and better place to work.”

“So our goal today is to raise $17,000 and we really hope that we can get there,” said Communications and Digital Fundraiser for Humane Society of Washington County Noel Fridgen. “Again, that’s just going to help us be able to care for the 6,000 animals that come into our shelter each year.”

“As individual nonprofits we all do something very different but when we come together we make our community a better place,” said Habitat for Humanity’s Director of Development and Marketing Amy Gulino. “So, a joint event like Washington County Gives really shows the impact that all of us have together. The money raised by this is astronomical. The amount of money they give back to the community is fantastic.”

“Washington County Gives gives us the chance to raise our profile and share with others what’s happening right here in terms of Homewood providing resources for people who’s outlived them,” said President of Homewood Foundation J.D. Shuman.

“Washington County Gives helps supplement the money we raise internally on our own,” said Homewood Marketing and Admissions Director Erin Youker. “If it wasn’t for our support from our families, donors and residents to bring that benevolent care to life, it’s not guaranteed, so the event just gives us an opportunity to help grow that fund so we care for more and more people that call Washington County their home.”

The 24 hour-online giving promotion will end midnight, May 8 so there’s still plenty of time to give.