MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — On October 1, Maryland banned restaurants from using styrofoam because, while it might be convenient, its also harmful to the environment. Now in Montgomery County, a local restaurant is taking it a step further and found a new way to make a positive environmental impact.

Takoma Beverage Company is participating in new pilot project called “Paradigm One,” a local sustainable economy company that distributes reusable containers to ten customers who order take out meals. The circular model is as simple as order, eat, return, then repeat. The goal is to eliminate waste and ultimately achieve a healthier environment. Both companies partnered to ensure all waste from used food containers is properly managed and recycled. Once customers are done, they are able to drop containers off for the restaurant to wash and sterilize them before reusing.

“Its a lot of excitement to get this all started and to expand onto different restaurants in Takoma Park and different neighborhoods in the area,” said Justin Kaplan-Markley, general manager of Takoma Beverage Company.

The company is hoping to get to 30 participants. Those who are interested can sign up online here.