FREDRICK, Md. (WDVM) — Another new strain of COVID-19 has officially popped up in the United States.
The Centers for Disease Control announced on Wednesday, Dec. 1 that the omicron variant is in California. WDVM caught up with some locals to get their reactions.

“Omicron is fairly new to me and I admit that I don’t know a lot about it. Any steps that I would take against covid are my usual steps so I’m wearing my masks as usual,” Joseph Ramelo said.

According to a release, a person who traveled to South Africa and home came last week with mild symptoms. Philip Berkheimer lives in Fredrick County. He said he agrees with President Biden that we should not panic about this variant.

“I think it is time to be concerned but we should not panic about this thing. So let’s see how bad is it going to be? Is this going to be as bad as delta? And we are not going to know for the next couple of weeks, Berkheimer said.

Laura Scott, another Frederick resident, said she is nervous about the people who are not vaccinated. She said she knows people who passed away from COVID because they did receive their vaccine.

“It’s scary mostly for unvaccinated people. The vaccinated people in the past haven’t gotten too sick from the delta variant and I’m really worried about the unvaccinated people,” Scott explained.

Scott said she and her family are fully vaccinated and she received her booster shot. However, if the variant makes its way to the east coast, Scott and Berkheimer believe some things may change when it comes to a daily routine.

“We wear our masks inside everywhere we go. And yes if it does come here we will put our mask on everywhere we go,” Scott continued.

“Especially in the winter when many people are indoors it may create some havoc,” Berkheimer said.

The CDC is encouraging everyone to get their vaccines or their boosters.