The winter season often brings high electricity and gas bills for local residents. But don’t let this year’s extremely low temperature cause your bank account balance to go low too.

If you’ve  noticed your electric or gas bill has been unusually high recently, experts say you might be letting your dollars escape out of your house like warm air.
“If the cold air cant get into your house then it doesn’t cost as much to heat your home,” explained Charlie Smith, CEO of Thomspon Best Heating & AC.

Smith has been a heat and air conditioning expert for almost 50 years.

“I started in this trade in 1970. I’ve seen it when its bitter cold, I’ve seen it when its 105 degrees outside,” said Smith.

In my career I’ve seen people adjust oil furnaces by themselves and they lit up their entire house
But he says there are some simple fixes that could save you money on your monthly bill.

“The main thing people can do and a lot of people dont even think about it is change your filters. The air filter-when you’ve got a clogged air filter, it makes the furnace work even hard to heat the home,” explained Smith.

He also suggested insulation as a fix.

“You need to insulate your home. Insulate the attic, take a look at the attic. Take a look at the floor, insulate the duct work, insulate the hot water heater, take a look at the windows. That will save you  more money than really sometimes replacing your heating equipment,” said Smith.
Smith also says, before you do your own work, ask for professional help.

“Basically in 1970 you just needed a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench…those days are over. If you try to do it yourself you’re basically creating major problems for us,” said Smith.

The City of Hagerstown offers an average payment plan to reduce variations in monthly bills for all eligible customers. For  more information, click here.