WILLIAMSPORT, Md. (WDVM) — The Williamsport Moose Family Center hosted its 11th annual Community Meal.

In the spirit of the holidays, the Loyal Order of the Moose held its annual Thanksgiving dinner. anyone that walked through the front door was given a full plate of food.

“We choose to do it because the moose is about community, the moose sponsors a children’s village outside of Chicago we also have a senior retirement center in Florida,” Melissa Weaver, recorder of the chapter.

Women of the moose prepared the big meal with 13 turkeys, mashed potatoes, corn and more. They also had an array of desserts including pumpkin pie. Members from the chapter say they feed over 200 people throughout the day. Weaver says having someone say “thank you” for a plate of food is the most rewarding.

“It’s very humbling because you see people coming in that you know may or may not eat tomorrow and that’s very sad, so the little bit we can do to help them have a good meal, it makes me feel good,” Weaver said.

There were many volunteers to help pass out food and make sure guests had everything they needed. One younger volunteer has a powerful message as to why he wants to lend a helping hand.

“Because there are some people that don’t have homes, so we’re helping them, so we use kindness to kill the hatred,” Cory Dinoia said, an eight-year-old volunteer.

Because they make so much food, the organization donates food to a senior living center in Hagerstown. The Loyal Order of the Moose also presented a check of $1,500 dollars to the food bank in Williamsport.