MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — It’s been almost six months since the Magruder High School shooting. However, MCPS parents that are still coping with the aftermath said the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Texas brings back the all too familiar feelings. 

On Jan. 21, Jeff Reznick waited outside his daughter’s high school for hours after getting news that a student had been shot inside. He says those moments are something no parent should have to experience.

“She and many of her friends thought immediately back to this incident at Magruder with sadness, anxiety, anger,” said Reznick. “And a certain degree of resignation that she’s in a world where these are the incidents are happening again and again.”

Dawn Iannaco-Hahn is the parent of *one MCPS student and has testified at multiple board of education meetings, pleading for more mental health resources for students and staff.

“Realizing that mental health needs to be taken more seriously it needs to be you know put to the forefront for funding and advancement,” said Iannaco- Hahn. “And we just need to take it more seriously. It needs to not be the redheaded stepchild of healthcare anymore.”

The day after the Robb Elementary shooting, Iannaco-Hahn sent her kids to school because she says she has trust in her children’s educators and thinks more people need to as well because the only way we will get through this is by sticking together.

“We need to work together, toward safety in our communities,” said Iannaco-Hahn. “We need to, there needs to not be so much of us versus them that’s going on. If we can come together as a community of people. I think positive change can be effected much better much quicker and much more efficiently.”