MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — Biet Van Tran was sentenced to life without parole plus 55 years in prison for stabbing a 23-year-old woman to death and attacking two others in May of 2020.

Friends Thi Nyguen, Quy Luc and Linh Pham were on a road trip to help Luc’s mother who had recently suffered a stroke. Tran was the mother’s boyfriend and lived at her home while she was in a rehabilitation center. Prosecutors say he and Luc got into an argument a couple of days after he arrived, and he attacked Luc with a knife in the basement.

“Those words turned into a vicious attack,” said State’s Attorney John McCarthy. “Not only to Mr. Luc but also these beautiful women who had no connection to Mr. Tran, they had never seen him before.”

Luc ran but his girlfriend Linh Pham and roommate Nyguen were still in the home. Tran found Pham upstairs and stabbed her to death. He then began stabbing Nyguen. She was severely injured but survived. 

“I think that’s a good thing that he cannot be out in the community to harm someone else,” said Nyguen.