HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — We’re starting to get used to it: theater tickets, boarding passes, credit cards, even proof of vaccination on our phones. But drivers’ licenses? More than 20 states are moving in that direction, including Maryland.

For many it’s convenient. Leave the house with your phone and keep your wallet in that safe place – kitchen drawer or bedroom dresser. What if you cross a state line where digital is not accepted? Some are concerned that opening the gateway to digital drivers’ licenses opens the gate to access other personal data, like banking records. Despite these privacy concerns, some motorists are embracing the change.

“You just open your phone, boom! It’s right there. I just feel like it’s way easier,” said James Wells, a motorist visiting the DMV on Tuesday.

Alabama has been giving drivers the option to go digital for the past four years when they renew their driver’s license online. but motorists there are not quick to embrace the move to high-tech.