HAGERSTOWN, Md. (DC News Now) — Maryland Congressman David Trone was in Hagerstown Thursday to announce construction plans for a 10,000-square-foot workshop on the campus of an avionics trade school. It’s about job training for the future of a growing industry says the congressman.

It is a field in high demand. Technicians in the aviation industry. At Hagerstown’s Pittsburgh Institute for avionics, federal funds to meet the need for training is welcome news.

“This is to expand their campus right here in Hagerstown so we can enroll more students and train them even better and more successfully. We’re delighted that this community-funded project has been approved,” said Congressman David Trone (D – Maryland).

It’s not just the workforce for pilots and aircraft crew that is stretched.

According to Suzanne Markle, president and CEO of Pittsburgh institute of aeronautics, “There’s been a deep shortage in the industry and it has only gotten worse since COVID. So that continues to be a very significant need in order to keep aviation going.”

The students find the training rewarding, and they are confident of a solid career opportunity.

Draven Carbaugh is a student who says, “Growing up I’ve always been interested in aviation. I like medivac helicopters. I want to be able to fix them so they can help people. And coming here it’s definitely helped enhance all my mechanical skills.”

Rebecca Wearing touts the versatility of her degree once she completes her training and readies for the workforce.

“Aviation maintenance is a growing field right now,” she said. “It’s in high demand. There are many jobs that are available. In many different fields.”

Training typically takes about 21 months.

Congressman Trone anticipates that the funds delivered to the Pittsburgh institute of aeronautics will enhance the skilled workforce in the industry. The congressman, who was successful in business before his election to congress, related to the students on his Hagerstown visit that many of the team-building skills gained from their vocational training will take them far in their avionics careers.