FREDERICK COUNTY, MD. (WDVM) — It’s no secret that the opioid crisis has impacted our community drastically. Last year Frederick County, Maryland lost over 200 residents to overdose, and advocates say it’s time to make a change.

Residents driving near the 7300 block of Marcie’s Choice Lane in Frederick will see an awareness sign that features the overdose fatality numbers from last year.

The Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates program created new signage and banners to grab the communities attention about the harmful effects of opioids.

The sign features overdose statistics, Narcan information, and more. 

“We have so many people that need help out here and we’re hoping through research, support, and more people volunteering to help with projects like ours, that one day we will be able to take down that sign.” said Carine Miler, director of The Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates program.