BLADENSBURG, Md. (DC News Now) — Two high schools were on lockdown in Prince George’s County for reports of someone having a weapon within the first week of school. Now, parents are concerned for students’ safety.

Bladensburg High School students rushed to the nearest classroom when the school was locked down Thursday for nearly 3 hours.

“Honestly I was kind of scared, I was texting my friends asking them what happened. And they had said somebody came to the school with a gun and I just got really scared so I like called my dad,” said Roniaa Garcon, a student at Bladensburg High School.

Prince George’s County police say it was out of precaution after a student reported they saw someone with a suspicious item​.

“I was terrified. They let us know there was something going on upstairs but we didn’t know exactly what. We were imagining the worst was happening,” Andrea Gonzalez said as she waited to pick up her siblings.

Some parents who rushed to pick up their kids were left confused.

“I was like oh my god, oh my god I was so worried. Finally, when they said everything is clear, I said did they find anything and they don’t even give us anything. I was like you know what? I have to go get my daughter out,” said Posseh Kargbo, a parent.

Gonzalez ​had a hard time picking up her brothers and cousins.

“I’m the emergency contact and I was trying to take out my brothers. I was trying to take out my little cousin but they weren’t letting me take him out because I wasn’t the emergency contact. I would think in these circumstances they should be able to let them out,” she said.

Police say they did not find any weapons in that situation, but reports of guns at schools in the county are becoming common.

Just a few days ago two students were arrested for bringing a gun to this high school in suitland on the first day back to school. Last school year, a 17-year-old and a 13-year-old were also arrested for bringing guns to their schools.

“I just think that’s it’s really scary and maybe there should be more protection to this school like more police and security guards surrounding the school so this type of stuff won’t happen again,” said Garcon.

CEO for PGCPS Monica Goldson is asking families ​for help. In a statement, she said: “I want to reiterate that weapons have no place in our schools. Families must assist us in protecting all students and staff from harm. Please check your child’s backpack, inform law enforcement partners about safety concerns and seek assistance from school staff in addressing health and wellness challenges. We cannot do this work alone.”