WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — The US Department of Labor released its numbers on jobs and unemployment rates. That data shows that Maryland continues to have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation — and the western part of the state is no exception.

“Unemployment rates in Washington County are at historical lows, and again, driven by a number of additional businesses coming here we have distribution centers, we have warehouses, we have houses being built,” CEO of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce Paul Frey said.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Maryland saw an increase of about 5,800 jobs back in September of this year. Locally, the Washington Chamber of Commerce said that the county received over 500 job applications in one week

“I think we ranged — last year about 3.8, 3.9% and I think we’re closing on about 2% unemployment here in Washington County,” said Frey.

The report says jobs in transportation, trade and utilities seem to be the driving force of the state’s low unemployment rate. Even though rates are low in the county, there are still plenty of jobs available.

“Health care needs nurses, they need physician assistants… construction trades need workers, HVAC, carpenters, electrical — and of course the service industries, probably the hardest hit restaurants and hotels need folks to fill those roles,” Frey said.

Will this trend stick around going into the new year?

“I think in the coming year in 2024, we’ll still struggle with filling open positions here in Washington County and so our initiative right now if we want to attract help and keep help here, we need places for them to live,” Frey said.