ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WDVM) — Just days ahead of the end of Maryland’s state of emergency, members of the state Senate’s vaccine oversight workgroup gathered once again to discuss the current status of the vaccination plan. Almost 75% of Maryland adults have received a vaccine dose, but the state is continuously pushing for everyone who’s able to get a shot.

While residents aged 12 and older are eligible to be vaccinated — and around 50% of 12-17-year-olds have gotten a shot — the Maryland Department of Health doesn’t expect children under 12 to be able to get vaccinated until late fall, and possibly not until spring of next year.

To make up for the children who can’t be vaccinated, the MDH is heavily pushing for the harder-to-reach populations to get vaccinated and is putting its resources into making progress in those areas.

“We’re working on developing an understanding surrounding precisely why they have not been vaccinated yet,” said Dennis R. Schrader, secretary of health. “We also have a form in English and Spanish for any organization to request a mobile clinic.”

Secretary Schrader also said, while the Delta coronavirus variant is spreading, no concrete plans have been made regarding a possible booster shot rollout.

To fill out a mobile vaccination request form, go here.