ANNAPOLIS, Md. (DC News Now) — Maryland residents have until Saturday night to cash in on annual ‘tax free week’ offers from retailers in stores, and online.

While the end of the deal-finder week nears, residents have plenty of tax free options on clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Maryland Comptroller’s Office says items must be under $100 to be considered tax exempt, many parents continue to take advantage of cheaper final costs as students return to classrooms.

Savings on a $100 purchase will be six dollars, given the state’s six percent sales tax.

Consignment stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army will stretch consumers’ money given typically lower prices–locations where most clothes on sale were worn before.

Clothing costs have not significantly increased, according to the Consumer Price Index, which tracks changes in consumer prices for essential goods over a period of time.

For backpack purchases, the first $40 are tax exempt, any amount higher is considered taxable.

This year parents are increasingly buying bulletproof backpacks across the country after the fatal Texas shooting at an elementary school.

Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods lists a bulletproof backpack for $200, while retailer Bullet Blocker sells them from $185 to $260.

Consumers can purchase products online but must be done in-state and delivered there. Items can be bought before Saturday night and delivered later, but the retailer must accept the order to ship them immediately according to the comptroller’s office.