MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Two incidents of racism were reported at Montgomery County Public School sporting events and now the high schools are investigating. 

Following reports of the incidents, two principals met with students and school equity teams. Both reported incidents happened during games between Albert Einstein High School and Sherwood High School. Sherwood students are accused of making racial and discriminatory comments towards Asian American, Albert Einstein Players.

The first incident reportedly happened during a soccer game, and the second was during a volleyball game. 

In a statement, Einstein Principal Mark Brown wrote, “while restorative circles help, the students and spectators who engage in this offensive behavior need to be addressed directly and specifically. Being part of an athletic team and attending athletic events are privileges that can be taken away.”  

“These are incidents that are, fortunately, hopefully, are isolated and those need to be addressed, said Council Vice President, Gabe Albornoz. “But if there are systemic issues then I would encourage the sports associations to work with county officials.”

MCPS says they are still investigating these cases.