MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — Months after the January shooting at Magruder High School that left one student fighting for his life, MCPS released their after-action safety report required by the state.

The 2-page report provides an overview of the events that took place on January 21st, including school staff and police’s response. After reviewing, MCPS’s Chief Safety Officer Edward Clarke recommends MCPS work with the fire and police departments to further train staff in providing 911 dispatchers with detailed information. The report added that the victim not asking for medical attention and students not calling for help further complicated the situation.

Additionally, the reports say schools need more “stop the bleed” kits, which were used to provide life-saving aide to the teen who was shot. The report says the kits should be in all schools and staff members should be trained on how to use them. Clarke also advises MCPS to work with police so officers have key fobs to enter schools quickly in emergencies. 

The report also stated the community engagement officer assigned to the school cluster took 7 minutes to arrive and was the first on scene.