MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM)– Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education passed a resolution to close all schools and offices on November 24th.

The day before Thanksgiving was scheduled as a half-day, but the district is experiencing a shortage of substitutes. MCPS also says this will allow an extra day for people to spend the holiday with their families. Interim Superintendent Dr. Monifa McKnight notes that usually, attendance is low anyway around Thanksgiving.

“Given the context of now this year presenting the challenge that we do need to operate, but we need to operate with things in place to support students successfully,” said Dr. McKnight. “We believe that cannot happen the day before thanksgiving given the data we have.”

“To give families 13 days of notice…have you no consideration for parents in healthcare, parents who are essential workers, parents who basically county on the school schedule that you publish?” said MCPS parent, Dr. Jennifer Reesman. “You basically told us all that you don’t care about us. “

MCPS will not have to make up for this day taken away, because they still meet the state law requiring 180 days of instruction. Schools will reopen Monday, November 29th.